You Are A Brand And Brands Want You

As soon as you start a blog, you are opening up to the world. You share your life, your passions and your opinions. Over time you build up a following, people who want to hear about your life, share your passions and want to hear your opinions. Your opinions matter and brands know this, that is why they want to work with you- to connect with your audience!

create a brand for your blog

Do you consider yourself a brand? Your should! The sooner you start doing so, the more confident you will become and the more opportunities will come your way. There is a reason brands want to work with you- they want to invest in your brand, they want to connect with your readers and of course they want to have those links! It is worth noting they don’t work with anybody- they choose you as they see potential.

So how do you build up your brand?

If you are looking to work with more brands and create a professional blog then read on! Hopefully you will see that with a little tweaking here and there, you too can build a successful brand that will leave companies wanting more!

Be Consistent – A brand will only invest in you if they trust that you are going to maintain consistency. They are not going to want to work with you if you post once in a blue moon, equally if you sell yourself as food blogger and then start writing about travel. Of course many topics go hand in hand but your blog should have a theme that readers and brands can connect with.

Be professional – Now I am not saying you need to lose your voice or try to become someone you are not but if you want to work with brands then you need to remain professional at all times. That means no swearing, no brand bashing, basically nothing that is going to land you in trouble. Brands want to align themselves to blogs that will enhance them, not do them damage. I know some brands do a thorough check on bloggers before they will consider working with them, they watch their tweets, who they associate with, everything they say and do. Their business is worth a lot of money and they only want to work with the best!

Have an image – Do you have a consistent theme across all platforms? A logo, photo, colour scheme, anything that will help unite all of your networks. For example, our Twitter page has a grey colour scheme to match in with our logo, so anyone who searches for us will see a consistent colour scheme. People need to instantly recognise you and your blog- all of the big brands have a logo, something that is instantly recognisable and unique to them.

Invest in your blog – I cannot tell you how crucial it is to take yourself and your blog seriously, to invest a little to see the reward. This might be in the form of a new camera- photos are everything these days, brands want to know their products are going to be showcased well. It my be in the form of a blog theme – to stand out as a brand you need a theme of your own, not a bog standard theme that everyone else has! If you aren’t willing to invest then why should other brands? As soon as you start taking yourself seriously, so will everyone else!

So what do you need to do now?

Think about your audience, who are you writing for? If you want to be a parenting blogger, sharing parenting experiences and working with toy brands etc.. then your blog needs to reflect that theme. If you want to be a food blogger then your header and tagline should reflect this. So take a good look at your blog and do a blog audit on the following:

  • Name – Obviously if you are already committed to your blog name then you can’t just change it but if you are considering a re-branding or haven’t yet started then choose wisely. A name can really make a blog, it helps Google rank you and instantly helps readers get an idea on content. However, it is worth noting that brands want to connect with your readers so if you have a bit of a naff blog name but have engaged readers in your niche then stick with it.
  • Theme – what colours reflect the personality of your blog? Muted greens would do nothing for a blog that hopes to promote fun and excitement, just as bright reds would be a huge mistake for a blog focusing on a zen like state of mind. Similarly you need to think about your layout, don’t clutter up your sidebar if your blog is all about home organisation!
  • Content – what do you write about? Is it a mish mash or is there consistency? Your posts need to reflect your theme, your personality and the message of your blog. If you focus on the happy then writing angry posts would not reflect well and would discredit your brand. Have a real think about why you write, what is the message you are sending to the world. Then look at your posts- do they carry that message?

Once you have consistency in your look, your message and your personality then you are ready to take that message outside of your blog. Comment on other blogs and across social media – always have your branding in mind. Before long other brands will find you, connect with you and you will find yourself collaborating with your dream brand!

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5 comments on You Are A Brand And Brands Want You

  1. Baby Isabella
    October 23, 2015 at 8:13 am (3 years ago)

    A really informative post! We kinda did everything backwards. We had the name and built up our presence online, then we had the funding to work on the look and feel of the blog. It’s worked for us and we’re really happy with our branding across all platforms. We agree, you do have to be professional (it’s hard for a baby blogger!!) hehehe #TheList x
    Baby Isabella recently posted…Dark Days – Tough TimesMy Profile

  2. Lisa (mummascribbles)
    October 23, 2015 at 5:23 pm (3 years ago)

    Love this! Some really great tips in here. I feel like this week I’m doing something right because I have had some opportunities from a couple of really big brands who I’m really pleased to be working with. That said, I totally take your point on remembering that I’m a brand and that I need to act professional at all times. I always do but it’s good to have that reminder there. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m going to have a little look over the blog and see where I can improve things 🙂 x

  3. Mim
    October 25, 2015 at 2:42 am (3 years ago)

    Wonderful tips as always Katy, thank you! For me, you hit the nail on the head with consistency and it’s something I aim for. A consistent look and feel and voice for all of my posts and accounts. I am consistently rubbish at some things too unfortunately ha ha! Mim x #TheList
    Mim recently posted…Goolie Goolie Dummy Review & Giveaway! (Aus Residents)My Profile

  4. Nikki Frank-Hamilton
    October 28, 2015 at 8:59 pm (3 years ago)

    I have totally redid my blog over the last 6 months. I was too attached to what I loved and hated to hear that others did not see it in the same way I did. In fact, I got a bit defensive. But after taking the jump, redoing everything from topics, catagories, tags, series, theme, color, logo, redoing all my blog images, I love it now. And it’s getting much more favorable comments and traffic. In fact, there have been companies approaching me about sponsored posts and products. I haven’t taken that jump yet, soon, but life gets in the way sometimes! These are great tips and I can verify that they work. And that they need to be done in order for a brand to find value in you.


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