Top Tips for Successful Blog

So you want some tips to start a successful blog, one that people actually want to read? Fi has only been blogging for a few months but has already picked up a few tips that have helped her and she is sharing them today so that you can learn from them too!

Top tips for a successful blog

I’m no blogging expert, hell, I only started this blog a few months ago but I’m pretty proud of what I’ve created. I’ve got over 4000 people reading A Mum Track Mind, small fry compared to some of the big bloggers but it’s growing every day. My social media followers have rocketed, I’ve started my own YouTube Channel and I’ve even managed to pick up a nomination for Blog of the Year in the Mad Blog Awards! Companies and PR people are approaching me to do sponsored posts and I’ve got several guest features for other, much bigger blogs coming out. It has been and continues to be exciting and creatively rewarding as well as incredibly time consuming and a lot of hard work. Once you start to get into the world of blogging it quickly becomes all consuming, confusing, technical and if you’re not careful somewhat overwhelming. However, my advice to newbies is just to concentrate on doing the basics really well before you let yourself get bogged down. So, if you want a piece of the action, read my tips and I will share with you what I’ve learned in this short space of time.

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