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There isn’t long to go until one of the biggest blogging conferences of the year – Britmums Live. Are you going? Are you wondering what on earth you need to take, what to wear or are you feeling a little panicked about meeting people for the first time? Today we are bringing you all the top tips you need to know, as given by the people who know best – the bloggers who have done it all before! We have also written another post telling you how to get the most from a blogging event if you fancy a read.

Top Tips For Britmums Live - everything you need to know for your first blogging conference

Before you go…

Beth from Twinderelmo says: Make a list of people you want to meet/chat to. It sounds very clinical but it’s so easy to get caught up and be very overwhelmed and you will regret forgetting to meet someone you really wanted to!

Mel from Le Coin De Mel says: Arrange to meet with a couple of people beforehand if you’re a bit nervous, but everyone is incredibly friendly and you can start chatting with random people without appearing odd.

You want to feel organised so these are great tips. You also want to make sure you have a few business cards printed up for you to hand out, whether that be to brands of fellow bloggers. You don’t need loads, 20 – 30 would probably be plenty. 🙂

What to wear…

Kaz from Ickle Pickles Life says: My first was last year – my tip is don’t stress about what to wear! I read so many blog posts, read the panic on FB and got panicked too! There is no need. Some will wear very formal wear – some jeans or leggings. Wear something comfortable (including comfy shoes) and layers to take off as the day warms up. 

Amy from Mr and Mrs T Plus Three says: Everyone says to wear flat shoes BUT if you’re anything like me you won’t listen this is just too good an opportunity to show off a lovely pair of heels, however I did take a pair of flats in my bag just in case.

Natalie from Just Because I Love says: Wear something that makes you feel confident and smile 🙂

Whatever you wear, make sure that you are happy with it. I for one will be 8 months pregnant and wearing a tent and flat shoes haha!

On the day…

Once you have your list of bloggers in hand, the perfect outfit to wear and your business cards packed in your bag – what else do you need to remember? Bring a charger or some charger packs, a notepad and a camera if you prefer that over your camera phone. If you are coming quite a way then you might want to bring a larger suitcase to fit the goodie bag in, save you lugging back an extra bag on the train.

Leigh from Headspace Perspective says: It can feel overwhelming especially if you arrive alone. I found this on my first BML – I hadn’t been blogging long and didn’t know a soul. I thought everyone but me had friends, and felt like I couldn’t invade other people’s groups. Try to remember lots of people are overwhelmed too – very few people are intentionally rude, and most people if they realise you are on your own and a bit lost will chat to you. So resist the urge to find your phone fascinating, or to hide in the loos. Put your brave pants on and smile at someone. Perhaps make a comment about what they are wearing/how hot it is/how busy it is. Good way to break the ice and build your confidence! Also, if you recognise someone from a blog you love don’t be afraid to say hi and how much you love their writing or whatever…they’ll be really pleased.

Natalie also said: Remember it is busy so people aren’t ignoring you.

Stephanie from Life at 139a says: Introduce yourself as your name from your blog name to help people place you. And don’t be offended if people walk up to you and say hello your blog name, as I may very well do that!

Laura from Max and Mummy says: Talk to at least the person you sit next to in a seminar. You never know who they might be, you could end up being a fan of their blog or discover someone new.

Emma from Bubba Blue and Me says: Don’t just stick with people you know. It’s scary the first time, but once you’ve walked in and found someone, do break off when you’re walking round or for sessions. It means you get to meet and talk to other people, hand out those business cards (because you’ll never remember who you talked to), and just talk to other people looking lost in the networking area. It also means others on their own may talk to you, because it’s scarier to approach when people are in groups. (oh and meeting people at the food tables works a treat).

Lisa from Mumma Scribbles says: Don’t feel that you have to go to all the sessions. Sometimes some of the best moments you can have are networking with fellow bloggers. I remember talking to someone last year for aaaaages and realising I’d missed sessions but it just didn’t matter! It’s a real networking opportunity!

Leigh agrees, saying: Don’t be afraid to take time out when you need it – and you probably will. Be kind to yourself. Make sure you get out of the event what YOU want to get out of it. It can be about catching up with friends/meeting folk/learning stuff/meeting brands/drinking wine/getting freebies – you might be interested in just one of those things or all of them. That’s ok!

Talking of skipping sessions, Mel also had this to say: If you’d like to create a working relationship with some of the brands present on the day, skip one of the talks and chat to them them; they’ll be a lot more relaxed and ready to have a good chat with you as they will be a lot less busy.

I have one more thing to add – bring snacks!! I was absolutely starved by the end of the day as lunch was on the small side. I had totally forgotten this until Sian from Quite Frankly She Said reminded me yesterday. So glad she said as there is no way I would have coped this year – I am eating for two after all 😉

Hopefully we have covered any questions or concerns you may have had- if not then feel free to ask anything in the comments. And if you are wanting to meet up then please do get in touch with myself or Aby to find out where we will be meeting beforehand.

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7 comments on Top Tips For #BML16

  1. emilyandindiana
    May 30, 2016 at 4:43 pm (3 years ago)

    This has been really helpful! I’ve been blogging over 2 years, but this will be my first blogging event – I’m terrified but really excited the same time xx
    emilyandindiana recently posted…Mummy & Me | MayMy Profile

    • Catherine
      June 1, 2016 at 9:40 pm (3 years ago)

      It is mine, too! I am so so nervous but so excited at the same time. I’m going at it alone so I’m a little bit scared I won’t make any friends!

  2. Seaside Belle
    May 30, 2016 at 8:40 pm (3 years ago)

    Thanks for this. It’s really put my mind at ease. I thought I had been a bit of a geek by writing a list of what I want to learn and who I want to meet, but actually, it’s probably a good way of making the most of the event!

  3. BattleMum
    May 31, 2016 at 8:53 am (3 years ago)

    Fab post. I’m a first timer too and very, very nervous but this post has been so helpful. Need to take magic ‘brave’ beans with me on the day!

  4. The Pramshed
    June 14, 2016 at 4:58 pm (3 years ago)

    Brilliant advice here ladies I can’t wait to go now, and meet everyone. Claire x

  5. A Mum Track Mind
    June 20, 2016 at 9:50 am (3 years ago)

    Fab tips – so excited to meet you properly! I’m just about to head over to the agenda to plan which sessions I’m going to! Eek so excited for my first blogging conference! See you Saturday x
    A Mum Track Mind recently posted…Create A Shared Bedroom That Kids Will LoveMy Profile


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