The Anatomy Of The Perfect Blog Post

Everyone wants their posts to do well, be read, enjoyed and hopefully even shared.  We all know that your content is a hugely important factor, but what else can you do to create the perfect blog post?  Let’s go through them;

anatomy of the perfect blog post


  • You need a great title.  This should tell the reader what your post is about, but also encourage them to click on the link, with emotive or powerful words. The CoSchedule Headline analyzer is a great tool to help you figure out the best headline for your post.  Using numbers also gets good results ie. 5 places you must visit this summer!  See, I want to click on that link to make sure I am not missing out.
  • Consider SEO and make sure your keywords appear in the first paragraph. This means to search engine bots will find the keywords and your post will show up on more searches.
  • Initial paragraph sets the scene for the post and lets the readers know what to expect.
  • The second paragraph needs to explain why you are writing about this topic.  It might be that you have personal experience, maybe you are an authority on the subject or just have a love for it.
  • Using images.  Images break up the text into easy to read chunks.  As a reader, it can be really off putting to be faced with a huge chunk of text.
  • Use paragraphs with white space in between.  Even when you aren’t using an image, you can still break the text up with a paragraph and a bit of space.
  • Write in your own voice.  Whatever you want to write about make sure your voice and your passion shines through.  Don’t try to write like someone else as your readers will perceive this as being disingenuous.
  • Use a list.  Another effective way of formating a post is in a list.  They are easy to structure, easy to write and easy to read!  Triple win!
  • Last paragraph.  Summarise your post and reach a conclusion. You need to bring the reader to your final point and round up the post.
  • Final thing.  End with a question to encourage interaction?  Possibly include a link to one of your social media profiles.  Or highlight another post for the readers to go on to read.

A further note on SEO

SEO is search engine optimisation.  This is how you tell the search engines what your post is about.  If you don’t tell them, they won’t show your post to anyone searching. Select your keywords and carefully include them in your post.  You can use the Yoast SEO Plugin if you are a WordPress user and that will help you.  You also need to include the keywords in your ALT tag of your picture.

In summary, your keywords should be in the url of the post, in the title, in the first paragraph, dotted through the post and in the ALT tag of your pictures!  This may seem like a lot, but it will help people find your posts.

So there you have it, the anatomy of the perfect blog post.  Remember it is only perfect if it is written in your voice.  Has this post helped you?  Why not leave a comment or tweet us.

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