Stumble Upon: The Blogger’s Guide

Are you always on the look out for ways to boost your page views? Sometimes it can feel as though you have exhausted all avenues – but have you tried using Stumble Upon? Debbie is sharing some great tips with us today and I for one will definitely be putting it all into practice!

Stumble Upon: The Blogger's Guide, How to use Stumble Upon effectively to drive traffic

This post is designed to help bloggers to get the most out of Stumble Upon. It is packed with tips for using the site effectively to generate traffic to your blog. It debunks several Stumble Upon myths that are floating around and gives details of a strategy that takes very little time and effort but can generate huge amounts of views. It also explains a little of what exactly Stumble Upon is and how it works. It basically explains everything a blogger needs to know to use Stumble Upon effectively, as a lot of bloggers still don’t realise how potentially useful it is as a traffic driving tool. It also discusses the downside of using Stumble Upon to gain views.

Stumble Upon is a network I have been playing with a lot these last few weeks. I have been determined to crack the secret and find out how people get so many views from it. While I still have a fair way to go, I have managed to up my Stumble Upon views from an average of 50 views per post to an average of around 1500 views per post.

I appreciate that for the big bloggers, this is nothing, but for me an extra 1500 views on a post makes a huge difference.

Read the full post here: Stumble Upon: The Blogger’s Guide


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