Should you help other bloggers?

It’s easy to think that helping fellow bloggers is a foolish idea.  After all, they’re your competition, aren’t they?  While that is true, you may find that if you support and help other bloggers, you will actually help your blog to grow and develop!

Should you help other bloggers?

How to help other bloggers

Mostly this comes down to good karma.  By putting in effort to help others, you’ll find them more willing to help you in return.  And, we all need help sometimes.  Blogging feeds off the actions of others.  Yours tweets that get retweeted and the comments left on your blog are all things that you rely on, in the same way others do.  Show some love and get supportive and you’ll find it will benefit you in the long-term.

Benefits of helping other bloggers

  • If you read something and love it, then share it. It is a nice thing to do so you’ll feel good whether or not you get something in return
  • You will make friends & build a tribe.  These are people who are interested in the same things as you, so chances are you’ve already got a good basis for a friendship off and online
  • Your sharing and caring actions are likely to mean others will share your content and tweets
  • You never know what will come of new connections, so be friendly and supportive and maybe you’ll be remembered when a new opportunity comes up
  • Blogging can be quite a solitary job. Working with and helping other bloggers, helps to eliminate this loneliness
  • Collaborative working creates a nice community to be part of

How you can help and support other bloggers

  • Offer to help – If someone is asking for help on a social network and you can help, then offer to help when you can
  • Share their work – You can do this in so many ways:
  • Retweeting tweets/posts
  • Posting a round-up post featuring your favourite bloggers or posts
  • Have a Blogs I Love/Blogroll page
  • Pin their posts
  • Share Facebook posts
  • Share on Google+ or +1 their posts
  • Use the #FF hashtag to show some love
  • Add their button to your sidebar
  • Like their Facebook status and maybe add a comment
  • Like their Instagram pictures
  • Use their affiliate links to buy the things you know you would buy anyway
  • Get chatting. Bloggers love a comment. If you like something leave a comment or send a tweet.  A little bit of recognition goes a long way

Let’s carry on building this amazing community together!

How have you helped other bloggers?

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