A Beginner’s Guide To Linkys

You may have seen the word ‘Linky’ banded about on Twitter and wondered what on earth bloggers are talking about. If you are new to blogging and are looking for a way to get involved in the community and get your posts seen then linkys are for you! There are so many different types of linky out there, but in essence there will always be a host and they will invite you to link up a post to their page, this will be seen by everyone else joining in and they will hopefully visit your blog and love what you do!

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Some linkys have a specific theme, the host will write within that theme and invite you to link up your posts if they match the criteria. Others are much more general though and invite you to link up any type of post. If you want to have a look at all of the fantastic linkys out there then Aby has written up a handy list, hopefully you can find a few to suit you.

So why join in?

  • You find new blogs and they find you.
  • You can build relationships through commenting
  • Increase in traffic and more interaction on posts
  • Themed linkys give you inspiration for content

How do I join in?

Once your post is ready, head over to the host’s post and find the linky badge. Copy the code under the badge and add that to the bottom of your post. This is a friendly nod to the host to say you are a part of their linky, it also gives them a link from your blog to theirs and helps everyone’s SEO. You are then ready to add your post to the linky!

At the bottom of the host’s post there will be a button to link up, most bloggers will use Linkytools, Inlinkz or Mister Linky’s Magical Widgets. Simply fill in your name, email and the url of your post and you are done- easy!

Linky Etiquette

Once your post is linked up it is now time to spread the linky love. Of course nobody can enforce these ‘rules’ but people will soon notice if you leave your post and run!

  • We have already mentioned adding the host badge but if you cannot do this then it is polite to leave a text link somewhere in the post.
  • Comment on the host(s) post- either the linky post or one they have linked up themselves.
  • Comment on some of the other posts in the link up. A good rule of thumb is comment on 2 or 3 other posts for every post you link up. There will often be a minimum requirement for this so check the ‘rules’ for each linky.
  • Tweet your link mentioning the host and the hashtag if there is one. The host will most probably RT you so this is always a great way of joining in.

So that is it, linkys are a great way of getting involved in the blogging community and help you to build your following. Sometimes you can feel as though nobody is reading your posts, linkys are a great way to get your words seen by lots of people- hopefully they will keep coming back for more!

Do you have a favourite linky?

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