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We have talked before about linkys and why they are a great tool for growing your audience and joining in with the blogging community. You may already join in with a few great linkys but feel that you have an idea for your own. Running a linky is great for reaching out to other bloggers and if you think of a great idea you can boost your stats which is something we all want!

run your own linky

All of the Live. Love. Blog team run their own linkys, each within a different niche and all very successful. To do so requires a lot of thought, effort and commitment so if you think you would like to start your own linky then read on!

Top tips for running a successful linky

Original idea- There are many different types of linky, photography based, a writing prompt, recipe etc.  Bear in mind that the more open the idea, the more potential link ups you could have.  A lot of people like to link one post to a few linkies, and may not want to write a post specifically for a linky.

Name- Try to pick a name that explains what the linky is about, but keep it catchy.

Link up method- Linky Tools, Inlinkz and Mr Widget are the main tools used by bloggers. For us as a team we prefer InLinkz as it is really user friendly. It fills in the form for you when you put in the url so if you link up to a lot of linkys this saves time which is precious as a blogger.

Grab Badge- One of the benefits to running a linky is the back links you will gain from all the people linking up.  They should all put a link on their post detailing where their post it being linked to.  This could be a text link but people like to add badges, so if you design a linky badge and then create a grab my badge button, this will make it easy for people to add it to their posts.

Rules- How many posts can people link up?  How many posts do you expect them to comment on?  Don’t make it too hard or people might not bother linking up.

Schedule – How long it will be open (allow enough time for latecomers). Think also about what other linkys are going live on the day you pick, will there be competition.  Try to fill a gap and it may serve you better.

Promotion – There are various ways to promote your linky.  You could email regulars when it goes live, tweet individuals who joined in last week to say it is open, tweet prospective linkers. Ask all of the people you tweet to RT for you. The linky badge on linkers posts will be promotion, pop the badge in your side bar or have a page for the linky on your blog.

An incentive – You could offer an incentive as a way to thank linkers for joining in. Why not approach a brand that would fit in with the theme of your linky and ask them to sponsor you?

Things to consider

Do you have the time? Running a linky can be time consuming.  There might only be a few people linking at the start, but if your linky takes off you could be hosting 50+ linkers and that will take time with all of the commenting.

Are you interested in the topic? Don’t just choose a topic for the sake of running a linky, make sure you are interested as you will have to comment on everyone’s posts.

Will you need a co-host? Consider co hosting your linky if you think you will not have the time to comment on posts if the linky gets too big. We co-host many of our linkys and it takes the pressure off, especially when you are ill or are on holiday. Also consider the fact you will be drawing upon two blogs and their following.

Have you thought about running your own linky?

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1 comment on How To Run Your Own Linky

  1. Absolutely Prabulous
    September 15, 2015 at 3:59 pm (4 years ago)

    So I needed to create a logo badge for my site. Of course I could have just googled that really but nope, my first port of call was your site whereupon I searched anything to do with linkies. And voilà I got me a shiny new badge (one more thing to tick off the to do list!).

    Thanks ladies. Fab site. You clever clever bunch.

    (Now I’m off to see if you can help me create my set image/gravatar thingy to show up each time I input my url on facebook threads etc!)

    Prabs x
    Absolutely Prabulous recently posted…13 Confessions of A HousewifeMy Profile


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