How To Drive Traffic With Pinterest

Writing a fabulous blog post is one thing.  Ensuring people find it is another thing entirely!  You need to do a little work to make sure people can find your posts and this is where social media comes in.

What we are talking about today is the power of Pinterest.  Not just for inspiring your baking or wardrobe, but Pinterest can be an effective tool to drive traffic to your blog.

drive traffic pinterest

How you drive traffic with Pinterest?

  • Set up an account in your blog name.  At some point you will have the option to upgrade to a business account, accept this offer.  It won’t cost you anything and looks more professional.  You can also apply for Rich Pins, which means you can add longer more eye catching descriptions under your images, so apply for these as well.
  • Make sure you link your website to your Pinterest account. This will give you an endorsment tick next to your name and people will trust you more as a pinner.
  • Set up your boards.  Include a blog board for all your pinnable blog posts.  Not every post you write on your blog will be pinnable.
  • Then have some fun browsing around Pinterest, pinning lots of lovely things to your boards.  When you pin something, you can then chose to follow the board, so do this to build up the boards you follow.  They will hopefully follow you back.
  • The more you pin, the more chance you have of building up followers.  The more people who follow you, the more chance you have of this converting to traffic on your blog.


  • When you write a post that is giving the reader helpful information, whether that is a ‘how to’ guide or a recipe, anything that the reader can learn from, make the image a ‘pinnable‘ one* and pin that image to your blog board!  By ‘pinnable’, I mean an eyecatching image with the title written on it, portrait in layout.
  • When you pin your image it will appear in the feeds of the people following you. The more people following you, the more people will see it!
  • Pin a post daily– 9am is stated as a good time, but you can see what works best for you.  Pin at certain times and measure the repins.  Then change it up and see what happens.
  • Pin to your boards daily. 10-15 things is a good number to start with per day, but you can pin as much as you want.  It is advised to pin little and often, so not to flood your followers feeds.
  • Repin.  You can get your pin back into your followers feeds by repinning it.  Repin and then delete the original pin to keep your boards tidy with no duplications.

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Do you use Pinterest to publicise your blog?  Do you think you could utilise it more effectively?

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