How To Be A Friendly Blogger

When you start blogging, you soon realise that there is a huge blogging community out there. If you want to succeed then you need to embrace the community and support other bloggers. Mim has some great advice on how to throw yourself into the world of blogging and come out with some great friends too!

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How To Be A Friendly Blogger

I’ve been blogging for 3 years and I would like to think I’m a friendly blogger! I hope others would agree.

I started blogging originally to keep a record of my second pregnancy and to share some parenting tips I’d learned after having two children. You know, because clearly now I’m an expert.

Ahem. Moving on.

Blogging is such a fun outlet for me and I’ve talked before about the lovely opportunities it has given me and my family.

The biggest benefit by far though has been joining the whole blogging community and particularly meeting and becoming friends with some amazing parenting bloggers all over the world. There are so many that despite never meeting them in person, I consider them my friends.

So it got me thinking, how have I connected so well with people I’ve never met?

Read the full post here: How To Be A Friendly Blogger.

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