How To Avoid A Brute Force Attack

You may or may not know what a brute force attack is.  What you do need to know, however, is how to avoid falling victim of one.

A brute force attack is when someone hacks into your account, makes changes to your content or maybe even deletes everything!  Can you imagine how traumatic it would be to lose your entire blog!

Avoid a brute force attack

All bloggers should regularly back up their blogs, which will offer some comfort should the worst happen.  However, on occasions a brute force attack can leave you locked out of your blog, unable to reinstate the content, even if you have backed up.  Some poor people have had to abandon their blogs and start again.

What can you do to prevent this from happening?

These attacks seem to be more common on WordPress sites, possibly as WP bloggers will more than likely be self hosted, and are therefore more vulnerable.

  • Firstly, choose a great password (this is applicable to everyone, not just WordPress users).

When you log in to wordpress you type in and that brings up your login window.


The problem is, /wp-admin is the default for every wordpress user out there. This makes hacking into your site just that little bit easier. What you want to do is hide that login page so that only you know where it is!

By installing the Rename wp-login.php plugin you reduce the chances of anyone being able to hack your site. Just change that extension to anything you wish- so it could be /bloggersrock or /ineversleep whatever you fancy, just make sure you can remember it.

What will the hackers see?

If anyone should try and go to your original extension of /wp-admin then they will be met with this screen…


The only way anyone will be able to get to your dashboard will be to know the secret extension is, which only you know about.

Have you been a victim of hacking?  We would love to hear about your experience?

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