A Guide To Building Up Backlinks

Every time the DA scores are updated on Moz I see people asking questions about backlinks and how they can build theirs up. Now, if you are looking for a quick fix you are not going to have much luck. Backlinks are built over time and are all well deserved, however you can give yourself a helping hand by being proactive and putting your name ‘out there’.

A guide to building up backlinks for your site.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is a link from another site to yours, a nod to say ‘yep I like this site’. If you want to be seen (by Google) as a well trusted, popular site then you want as many people to link to you as possible. A backlink is a sign that another site has confidence in your site and are willing to associate themselves via a link. And what does that mean? It means that Google will begin to rank you higher in search results as it will think ‘this is a popular site so we need to help more people find it!’

What sort of links are there?

There are two types of links – follow and nofollow. Now, both are valuable but in different ways. Let’s compare…

Follow links are a little bit like having an open door from one site to another. If a high ranking site links to yours with a follow link, that doorway will allow some of their high ranking status to filter through to you. This will give you a boost and help increase your page rank.

No follow links do not pass on any of that valuable ‘link juice’, they do not help boost your page rank. These are the links you want to use when linking to a brand that you have collaborated with. Google will penalise you if they think that you are helping companies and brands to boost their page rank in return for a product or a fee (pop over here for more on the no follow tag and when to use it) That is not to say they aren’t useful – they still help to build up a trust and Google still wants to see that.

There is of course another type of link; internal links. I always make mine follow as of course I have a direct association with my own site. These internal links, where you link to another relevant post on your own site, help to form an interlocking web, showing Google that you are invested in your site, that you write related content. This related content will keep readers on your site, lowering your bounce rate which all helps build up trust. 

It is all about trust.

How to build up those links.

So using internal linking is easy to do, if you don’t do it already then you need to get into the habit! But what about other links? How do you get other sites to link to you?

In the few years I have been blogging, I have written useful content that people have referred to in their posts. They have used follow links as they trust me, they trust my content. I have also built up friendships and so whenever those friends mention me in posts, they will use a follow link as a nod to our friendship. Friendships are built on trust and that filters down to the links!!

But what about high ranking sites? Aby recently got mentioned by Pro Blogger – her geek crush! Not only did it make her day as he mentioned her blog but he helped boost her page rank by linking to a post of hers – How to help a fellow blogger. This happened because she writes amazing content and amazing content needs to be shared doesn’t it?

Now the best content in the world will not get noticed unless you promote yourself. You will not start getting those follow links without having a few nofollow links under your belt. Those are easy to get and actually are part of the whole socialising side of blogging – the best part in my opinion. By commenting on other people’s blogs you will leave a nofollow link to your own blog, the same is done when joining in linkys – those with multiple hosts will see multiple nofollow links spread around the web.

There are so many ways to build up links, this post lists 101 ways to build up links if you want to take a look. One thing I have never tried is searching through relevant forums and leaving any relevant links to answer people’s questions. Maybe your content would be perfect for that!

How can we help?

We have launched a new feature here on LLB, inviting you to submit your blogging related posts in the form of an excerpt. We then publish that as a post with a read more link, sending readers over to your blog via an all important link! There is no risk of duplicate content as we only use a paragraph but you get the benefit of our traffic and social media shares. 🙂 If you want to find out more or fancy submitting a post you’ve written then head here to find out more.

So remember, there is no quick fix but by writing quality content you will get your content shared. By guest posting and commenting you will spread your name around the blogging community which will also bring you exposure as well as links.

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    Thank you for this informative article I had a lot of questions about backlinks so I have saved this to reference for when I work on my blog connecting from #thelist


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