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If you’re looking to move from novice/hobby blogger to professional blogger, or just increase your readership, read on for our top tips on how to grow your blog.

How to grow your blog

Your Writing

  • Write about what you love – Write about what you love and your passion will shine through in your writing. People can tell the difference between writing just for SEO or what someone thinks will be a hit post, and bloggers who are genuinely interested and passionate in their field.
  • Content is King – You will hear this phrase so much but it is true.  Try to make sure your posts are giving the reader something – useful information, a solution to a problem they may have or give something of yourself away.  A post about even a mundane event can be a great post, if written with passion and sentiment.
  • Quantity is Queen – You need to read this article by Neil Patel where he gives details of his blog figures and corresponding number of posts he published. He found he gained the highest rewards by posting three times a day!
  • Evergreen content – This is the content that is always useful or interesting to your readers. Creating evergreen content gives you a constant source of traffic.
  • Use a conversational style – Write as if you are talking to a friend, and remember to ask questions to build a relationship with your readers. Make them want to come back to your blog again.
  • Originality – In a blogosphere saturated with blogs, thinking up an original idea can be hard.  It is natural and inevitable that ideas and content will be repeated.  Nevertheless, how you deal with a topic will be unique to you and your voice.
  • Keep writing – Don’t lose faith, it takes time to build your following.
  • Give away your secrets – This is a great way to get people to come back again and again to find out more information to make their lives simpler, more fun, more creative….whatever you have secrets about!

Additional blog bits

  • Use attractive images – If you are writing a personal post, then use images that will catch the eye and attract people to your blog and your post.  If the post is more of a ‘useful’ one, then make your images pinterest friendly! Remember to add text to your picture, so people will pin it. You can also customise your ‘Pin it’ button.
  • SEO – Everyone knows you should SEO your posts, but finding the time to do exhaustive keyword searches is not always easy.  However, there are some things you should do without giving up your natural voice and meaning behind your post.
  • Limit invasive annoyances – Try to make visiting your blog a great experience, concentrating on the content and interaction with readers.  If you must use pop ups and sound, make sure it is because it adds value to your reader’s experience.
  • Give people a reason to sign up -building your subscribers will mean more people reading your posts.  Give an incentive to subscribe such as extra information that is not on the blog, an ebook, a printable or such like.
  • Obvious and easy social media buttons – Make your social media buttons clear so that it is easy for people to follow you.
  • Sharing buttons – Use something like Shareaholic (WP Plugin) which puts sharing options at the end of your posts.  The more shares, the more potential views.


  • Support your readers –Try to fill a demand your readers have.  Keep an eye on themes of questions they ask and see if you can use them to create content you know they want.
  • Crowd source posts – Writing a crowd sourced post, gives you a high chance of retweets and shares, as the people featured will share the post for you.
  • Pinterest group boards – The more eyes on your pins the better.  Find collaborative boards which will help you reap bigger benefits.
  • Run giveaways- Giveaways will usually give you a welcome boost in stats.  They may not convert to engaged blog readers, but they will help your numbers.
  • Respond to comments – If readers are always leaving comments on your blog and you give nothing to them, they will probably stop visiting and will stop leaving comments.  Try responding to all comments left and look at using something like Comment Luv Pro, so they get an email telling them you have responded.  Where possible, visit their blog and comment on one of their posts.  Commenting can take up a lot of your valuable blogging time, but remember that every time you leave a comment, you also leave a valuable back link.
  • Collaborate with other bloggers/sites – Tap into bloggers networks by working with them.  Collaborate on a linky, a giveaway, start a tribe, make connections.
  • Comment comment comment – Yes, we mentioned that already, but it is so important we have put it in again!  Go comment!
  • Share other’s work – Sharing other people’s posts is a nice thing to do, but it also means people are more likely to share yours.
  • Comment/engage on social media -Comment on people’s social networks, respond on Twitter, leave a nice comment on a IG post and Facebook status.  Get involved and your network will grow.
  • Be visible – Blogging is a remote, sometimes solitary life but being visible and present for your readers/following helps to create a community.  If you regularly drop off-line for days on end, it will be hard to keep conversations and relationships going.

Work Ethic and Opportunities

  • Work hard – REALLY hard!  To grow at a significant rate, you need to put the hours in.  We’re talking 7 days a week, writing every morning, every evening and in any break you get during the day. A serious amount of graft is required to see results.
  • Say yes – When you start blogging, saying yes to smaller giveaways and reviews can get you noticed.  Do them well and people will notice you.  Hopefully they will then lead to bigger opportunities.  Do be mindful as time goes on in saying yes to small reviews that take your time.
  • Hustle – You will need to hustle to grow your blog successfully.  Respond to all the press releases and review requests. Start a conversation and see where it takes you.  Email your PR contacts every now and again to ask if they have any suitable opportunities.  Make sure you don’t pester anyone, but you can guarantee if you aren’t emailing, then someone else is and they are getting the work!

What do you think are important factors to grow your blog?

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