A Day In The Life Of Katy

Katy is passionate about blogging and has given us this snapshot of her day as a full time blogger and mum.

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What does my blogging day look like?

7am – We wake up and head downstairs for breakfast.  While the girls eat theirs I check my emails, Twitter and Facebook.  I have to be careful not to get sucked in to social media otherwise I would probably get nothing else done!

9.30am – Little L goes for a 2 hour nap. Wednesday-Friday Little G is at nursery so I use this time to catch up with any commenting. Some days it takes the whole two hours just to reply to comments on my blog, visit other blogs and comment on any linky posts I am involved in.

Throughout the day I have my phone to hand, updating Instagram, posting on Twitter and Facebook. I try my best not to look at it too often so I can play uninterrupted with my girls, but I really struggle with this – especially as my phone acts as my camera so I often catch sight of a notification and get hooked!

Once Mr F gets home it is dinner time and then the bedtime routine kicks in.

They are both really good so our evenings are our own after 7.30pm most nights. I work from 7.30- 11pm, this has caused issues in the past as Mr F felt like I was never around, but he now understands that this is my job so I must work at it.

For those 3 1/2 hours I will write posts, enough for 2-3 a day, reply to any outstanding comments, schedule Facebook posts, reply to emails and if I have time I will deal with any blog admin (updating  plugins, plus countless other tasks).  Blogging has completely taken over my life and it takes up all of my spare time, which isn’t much when you have two small people to tidy up after!

In additon to all of this I have my real life job as a teacher too, I only work part time, but it adds to the workload.

Why do I do it?

I love this world, I have my own space and have complete control over everything I write.  I love interacting with people, through social media or via comments on my blog. Running a linky is great, reading and commenting on everyone’s posts does take time but I really enjoy it.  I have received so many heartfelt comments over the last few months, people enjoying being a part of our small community.  Reading other people’s blogs inspires me every day, getting to know people I wouldn’t have chance to meet in real life is fantastic- you all make me want to be a better person.  I am so much happier than I was a year ago – I finally feel like I am comfortable in my own skin.

Of course a great part of blogging is the opportunities it can bring, I have worked with incredible brands, am a Mumbassador for Britax and have also started working as a freelance blogger for a great business. I have also been lucky enough to attend the MAD Blog Awards and Blogfest last year! I have already booked tickets to Britmums and BlogOn and cannot wait to see some great friends there!

The workload may be heavy but it is my passion and I am going to continue for as long as the blogging world will have me, hopefully that will be for a very long time!

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