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Your First Blogger Conference

Your first Blogger Conference

Blogger conferences are becoming more and more popular as bloggers realise that they are a great opportunity to meet and chat to other bloggers, learn new skills and make those all important connections with brands. But, with Britmums Live just around the corner you might be wondering what are they really like?  If you’ve never […] Read more…

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How To Work With Brands

As you get further into you blogging journey, you might become interested in working with brands.  Maybe you fancy doing the odd product review or perhaps even work towards being a professional blogger.  Either way, working with brands is one of the main ways of earning money from your blog, whether that is a little […] Read more…

Media Kit - do you need one and how to creating a killer media kit

Creating a killer Media Kit

The word Media Kit is banded around quite a bit by bloggers and PR alike. You may have even been asked for one or perhaps you haven’t so you don’t really know if you need one…let’s find out if you do! What is a Media Kit? A media kit is like the CV for your […] Read more…