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Keeping your plugins up to date small

Keeping Your Plugins Up To Date

This post is just for WordPress users today but if you are on Blogger and are thinking of switching then listen up! Plugins are one of the best things about WP, they make your blog customisable and make the whole process so much easier! All three of us use WP and we have written about […] Read more…

wordpress vs blogger

WordPress vs Blogger?

Although there are a few different blogging platforms Wordpress and Blogger are the two most commonly used. All of the Live. Love. Blog Editors use WordPress for their own blogs and this blog is also on WordPress.  It is easy to use and offers lots of possiblilties to the user, you can also customise your blog with […] Read more…

WordPress plugins to start using now

WordPress Plugins to start using now

WordPress Plugins are something of a small miracle for bloggers.  When you need to find a way to do something quicker, better, faster, chances are there is a plugin that will help.  Sometimes searching for the right one can take a while so here’s a list of WordPress plugins that we think make life just […] Read more…