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Blogger’s Best Blogging Tips

A blog geek through and through I love a good blogging tip. Be it something that changes your entire way of working or a little thing that saves you a few precious minutes each day, the knowledge of other people can make such an impact on our blogs. The whole purpose of this very blog, […] Read more…

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‘You’ve started a blog, now what?’

Well done on starting your blog!  You have joined the hundreds of people who begin their blogging journey each day. Blogging can be flexible career or a rewarding hobby, either way there is no doubt it can be fulfilling. Your blog is now live, but what happens next?  How do you develop a routine? What should your […] Read more…

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Meet the Editor – Aby

Welcome back to the slot normally reserved for our Pro Blogger Spotlight.  All three Live. Love. Blog editors are professional bloggers, so I thought we would shine the spotlight on ourselves. Hopefully, it will help you all get to know us a little better.  So I’m up first, here goes!  For those of you who don’t […] Read more…


How To Rock Your About Me Page

An ‘About Me’ page should be one of the key pages on your blog.  It is important that when people read your posts and love what they read, they can click on your ‘About Me’ page and find out more about the person behind the post. So your ‘About Me’ page has a lot to […] Read more…

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How To Start A Blog

Hundreds of new blogs start up each day.  Cyber space is bursting with talented people sharing their lives and loves in their corner of the internet.  So if you are thinking you are thinking about starting a blog, but are not sure where to start, we have a beginners guide for you. How to start […] Read more…

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WordPress vs Blogger?

Although there are a few different blogging platforms Wordpress and Blogger are the two most commonly used. All of the Live. Love. Blog Editors use WordPress for their own blogs and this blog is also on WordPress.  It is easy to use and offers lots of possiblilties to the user, you can also customise your blog with […] Read more…

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