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Live. Love. Blog is all about sharing knowledge to help you become the best blogger for you. With that in mind we wanted to open up the blog to your expertise too, to pool together everyone’s knowledge to create a fantastic resource for all.

The idea is simple, you submit a blogging post and we publish an excerpt with a link back to the full post. That way, we create an amazing directory for everyone to have access to and you get traffic back to your site.

We will then use our social media channels to promote your post and get traffic back to your blog!

What we need from you:

  • An image relating to the post – at least 600px wide. This image must be your own or one free from copyright. You can find great images on Pixabay! Oh and please note the min file size 100MB otherwise you will get an error message.
  • An excerpt – explain what the post is about using no more than 300 words.

Please understand that we cannot accept all posts submitted. This may be because it is similar to something we have already published or because we have more posts than we know what to do with!

How can you make your post stand out?

  • Make your tips current and easy to digest. People love a walk through with screenshots.
  • Seasonal posts always do well and remember we will be pinning all posts to Pinterest so anything you can give us in advance of a season would be fab!
  • Great images! The bigger the better and the more the merrier!

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