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Stumble Upon: The Blogger’s Guide

Are you always on the look out for ways to boost your page views? Sometimes it can feel as though you have exhausted all avenues – but have you tried using Stumble Upon? Debbie is sharing some great tips with us today and I for one will definitely be putting it all into practice! This post […] Read more…

Pinterest for bloggers

How To Own Pinterest In 10 Easy Steps

Pinterest is so under utilised in the blogging world, many bloggers don’t even have a Pinterest page in their blog name – let alone use it to its full potential. Of course, it is possible to have a successful blog without one, but if you are looking to reach a wider audience then Pinterest is the place […] Read more…

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Hashtags – The Basics

Today, I want to introduce you to hashtags.  If you are a new blogger you might be wondering what they are and how you should be using them to help your blog.  If you are a more experienced blogger you might be wondering how to up your hashtag game and while I won’t spill those […] Read more…

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We are having a Twitter party

If you have been blogging for a while you will have heard of Twitter parties. If you have been blogging a good few years you will remember ‘the good old days’ when people chatted more on Twitter, right? These days it is more link dropping and the occasional RT, just the way it is at […] Read more…

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