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have confidence

5 Tips For Finding Your Blogging Confidence

Recently I have noticed that there are quite a few people who simply don’t value themselves as a blogger. There seems to be a belief that there are the ‘top bloggers’ and the ‘rest’ and I see people wondering how on earth they will ever make it ‘big’. The thing they fail to realise is […] Read more…

holding yourself back from your blog

5 Thoughts That Hold Back Your Blog

Do you often get down about your blog? Find yourself wanting to throw in the towel and forget all about it? You aren’t alone! So many bloggers go through these ups and downs (including me and Aby!) but you need to know that it is your own thoughts that are behind it! Put those thoughts […] Read more…


Blogger’s Best Blogging Tips

A blog geek through and through I love a good blogging tip. Be it something that changes your entire way of working or a little thing that saves you a few precious minutes each day, the knowledge of other people can make such an impact on our blogs. The whole purpose of this very blog, […] Read more…

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