5 Thoughts That Hold Back Your Blog

Do you often get down about your blog? Find yourself wanting to throw in the towel and forget all about it? You aren’t alone! So many bloggers go through these ups and downs (including me and Aby!) but you need to know that it is your own thoughts that are behind it! Put those thoughts aside and you will be able to flourish! Cat over at Parent Blogger News shares 5 thoughts that will always hold you and your blog back if you let them!!

hold back your blog

Blogging is most often a solitary pursuit and as a result our success will often come down to whether we are able maintain our momentum and motivation. This means we have to be careful about letting our own thoughts get in the way. Here are five things I hear from bloggers all the time (myself included!) which hold them back and what you should be asking yourself instead.

I’ll never be as big as…

We all know there are some huge parent blogs (although they might not actually be as big as you imagine, that’s another story).

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